The RT/AH fandom is slowly taking over more and more tumblr posts and I love it


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top ten skins ships: as voted by my followers
FOUR: sid jenkins and cassie ainsworth

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“… He checks his phone, zips his hoodie and gets ready to leave. I ask about his levels of happiness, his place in the universe and finally becoming a man. He says that he feels a great sense of comfort in growing up, but that he’s nowhere near fully formed. “And neither are you,” he says, with a gentle finger jab and the same quiet smile. “And nothing’s going to make sense until we’re in our sunset. And until then the clarity comes from acknowledging that I have no idea. Just as it comes from accepting the fact that, right here and right now, everything is in chaos.” And then he’s gone, into the New York night. A bit like Spider-Man. But more like Andrew Garfield.” | British GQ July 2012

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Booty Man by Tim Wilson
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At warped tour I was crowd surfing to Dear Maria and I got near Jack, I kept screaming “Jack” but his hands were too sweaty and so were mine so he couldn’t help me out of the crowd but right before security helped me out I screamed “Jack!” again and he screamed back “ROSE!” to me.

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Here’s to a Wonderful Actress who didn’t ruin her life. 

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The Directioner Theme Song


I’m proud to be a Directioner

‘Cause at least I know they’re gay

And I won’t forget when simon smiled

And made those boys’ days

And I’ll proudly stand up

Next to them, and defend them ‘til I die

‘Cause there ain’t no doubt

I love this band

God bless the five homos

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