-finally does laundry-

-never puts away laundry-

-takes clean clothes out from pile until pile is gone-

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literally me

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that terrifying feeling when you are finishing a book and THERE AREN’T ENOUGH PAGES LEFT FOR ALL OF THE THINGS THAT NEED TO HAPPEN.

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Chandler Bing and his facial expressions

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you know those feels

when you’re so into something

and you just wanna talk about it all the time but everyone else around you would be like wat

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Do you ever fangirl so hard that you just…

embarrass yourself. Alone. In your room.

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if you compare me now to my middle school days or even freshman year im really hot

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“you only started liking it cause everyone else did”

well yeah

everyone was talking about it

i got curious

i watched it

and i liked it

how is that a bad thing

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When I pass a test I didn’t study for


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I feel bad for all the non 1D blogs that follow me because all of a sudden, in between their hipster/food/photography posts, they just see five homosexual boys. And it’s not like two or three pictures of these five homosexuals…it’s like a stampede of 398457249872594353 pictures.

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don’t talk to strangers online because you will become best friends with them, and the distance will ruin your life